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Where we are - The Island of Sant’Antioco

Deep into the island.

Sant’Antioco, South-West of Sardinia, is a village that counts round eleven thousands inhabitants.
The island of Sant’Antioco is the fourth largest in Europe and has a deep hystorical background.

Our territory is of great historical and archeological interest. Visiting it means to have an authentic through the century experience stepping from one civilization to another, from the Phoenicians to the Romans, the Carthaginians, the Byzantines, and also the Spanish, who have all settled here and left important tracks of their passing by.

An open window through which you discover our ancient culture, that’s what Sant’Antioco can offer to the tourists. 
And furthermore you have the beaches, art and different ways to have fun.

Thanks to its beautiful coasts and its deep blue clear water It’s among the most visited sites in Europe. An authentic wild paradise to discover.


Renzo & Rita

The Restaurant is all year opened.

Closed on Wednesday.


Pizzeria Restaurant RENZO&RITA
Via Nazionale 42, Sant'Antioco (CI)
WhatsApp reservations:
+39 347.7128566
Phone.: 0781.800448 - 340.2243842 - 347.7128566 (Hall)


  • Winter Season:
    Pizzeria / Hall
  • Monday
    6 PM / 7 PM - Midnight
  • Tuesday
    6 PM / 7 PM - Midnight
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
    6 PM / 7 PM - Midnight
  • Friday
    6 PM / 7 PM - Midnight
  • Saturday
    6 PM / 7 PM - Midnight
  • Sunday
    6 PM / 7 PM - Midnight